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When only the last few minutes of a pre-season friendly match between Schalke and Qatar club Alsad were left, a 13-year-old boy raised the substitution card for the fourth official, indicating that the No. 7 player would be replaced. According to the tradition of German football, the live announcer said the number, while the audience shouted the names of the players in unison: "Lao Lao Lao Lao... Er!" Raul, 36, left the stadium, thanked the audience, and then hugged. The boy on the sideline-his eldest son Jorge.

当沙尔克和卡塔尔俱乐部阿尔萨德之间的季前友谊赛只剩下最后几分钟时,一个13岁的男孩举起了第四位官员的换人证,表明这位7号球员将被替换。根据德国足球的传统,现场播音员说出了这个数字,而观众则一致喊着球员的名字:“老挝老挝...呃!” 36岁的劳尔(Raul)离开体育场,感谢观众,然后拥抱。在场边的男孩-他的长子豪尔赫(Jorge)。

In July 2013, it was a late farewell match held by Schalke for Raul, and his opponent Alsad was his new club. He represented the two teams in the second half and scored two goals for Schalke in the second half.


In that friendly match, the stadium that could hold 60,000 spectators was packed. In fact, more than 100,000 fans wanted to buy tickets for the game, but many of them had to be disappointed. As a remedy, the Schalke Club erected a giant screen around the stadium, creating a unique atmosphere for watching the game.


In 2010, former Schalke coach Magath brought Raul from Real Madrid to Schalke (at the time Raul was still the Champions League goal holder), which surprised many fans. Raul is indeed in the twilight of his career, but it is still not easy to convince him to leave Madrid. It is said that in order to sign Schalke, Raul rejected several high-priced contracts proposed by Russian, Qatar and American League clubs because he wanted to continue to play in the Champions League. This also shows that Raul's sense of competition has never weakened.


After joining Schalke, Raul represented the team for the first time in a preseason game between Schalke and the defending Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich. In Germany, almost all fans are excited to see Raul wearing a Schalke jersey, but people also have doubts: How can Raul adapt to the new league and new football culture? Has he lost his youthful demeanor?


After all, although Raul is a legend in the history of Real Madrid, he has gradually been marginalized.


These doubts quickly disappeared. Raul made a supplementary shot in the 25th minute of the game, proving that he still has the sense of striker. After just 9 minutes, he scored a very special goal: receiving a short pass from his teammate 25 yards from Bayern's goal, avoiding three defensive players, and then shooting the goal.


Raul didn't even have to look up before shooting, he knew that Bayern's goalkeeper was too far forward to run back to the goal. In a sense, Raul's movement led to his teammates passing the ball, and the latter created him a goal opportunity. With 3 consecutive touches of his left foot, Raul destroyed Bayern's entire defense.


Thus began the "love story" between Raul and Schalke. In the 2010-11 season, although Schalke had a terrible start (only won one in the first 10 games), Raul didn't find his shooting boots until the end of September, but since scoring his first goal, he has continued his popularity. Status: scored twice against St. Pauli and completed two hat tricks before the winter break.


Due to the team's poor record, Magath was fired by the club in March 2011. Schalke ranked 14th in the league at the end of the season, with only 6 points higher than the relegation zone and only 1 point in the last 5 league games.


But in various cups, Schalke's record is quite good. Raul helped Schalke reach the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time with 5 goals. Unfortunately, the team was eliminated by Manchester United in the semi-finals.


In the German Cup, Raul and his teammates also went a step further. Raul headed for Bayern Munich in the semi-finals and helped Schalke reach the final. His opponent was the German second team Duisburg. In the German Cup final at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, Schalke firmly controlled the game from the beginning and defeated his opponent 5-0 to win the championship. Interestingly, although Raul has won countless honors in La Liga and Europe, it was the first time in his career that he won the domestic cup with the team.


In Raul’s second season with Schalke, the team faced the 2010-11 Bundesliga champion Dortmund in the German Super Cup and finally won the championship through a penalty kick. At the same time, Schalke's performance in the league was significantly better than the previous season and successfully ranked among the top four. Raul continued his excellent competitive form and became more and more influential in the locker room. When Héwedes missed a game due to injury, Raul was awarded the captain's armband, and he scored a goal and assisted once in the game, helping Schalke win 4-0.

在劳尔与沙尔克的第二个赛季中,车队在德国超级杯上面对了2010-11德甲联赛冠军多特蒙德,并最终通过点球赢得了冠军。同时,沙尔克在联赛中的表现明显优于上赛季,并成功跻身前四名。劳尔(Raul)继续保持他出色的竞争形式,并在更衣室中越来越有影响力。当Héwedes因受伤缺席比赛时,Raul被授予队长袖标,他打进一球并在比赛中助攻一次,帮助Schalke 4-0获胜。

In a Bundesliga match between Schalke and Bremen, Raul completed a hat-trick; in February 2012, he scored the 400th goal of his career. Raul also scored his 77th and final goal in a Europa League match between Schalke and Athletic Bilbao. However, on April 19, Raul announced that he will leave the club after the end of the season-Schalke is said to want to spend 4 million euros to keep Raul for a season, but he is unwilling to change his mind.


Raul also scored in the final game for Schalke and helped the team beat Hertha Berlin 4-0. When the final whistle sounded, Raul took the children around the stadium to thank the fans, applauded for them, but also wept uncontrollably... Raul seemed to have finally received a decent farewell, but it was from Schalke fans.


Raul has only been in Germany for two years, but his influence on Schalke and the Bundesliga as a whole cannot be underestimated. In addition to football talent, Raul's professionalism and behavior are also worth learning. He understands and accepts German football culture, and has attracted many admirers with his elegant demeanor and humble personality. In addition, Raul's skills also add a little charm to the Bundesliga.


From the first game that Raul played on behalf of Schalke, he proved that he can not only score goals, but also score very beautiful goals. In 2011, Raul won the Bundesliga's best goal of the month four times and also won the Bundesliga's best goal of the year award. In total, Raul scored 40 goals in 98 appearances on behalf of Schalke, including 28 league goals (66 appearances).


After the battle between Schalke and Hertha Berlin, the Schalke Club gave Raul a number 7 jersey with the signatures of all his teammates. Schalke also sealed the No. 7 jersey. Although they later began to use the number, in the hearts of many fans, the man who wore the No. 7 jersey for Schalke for two years will never be replaced.


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