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Winning the Bundesliga title with a strong streak, knocking out Frankfurt and entering the German Cup final, the previous defeat of Stamford Bridge almost pre-booked the Champions League quarter-finals tickets, the sudden offseason has no effect on Bayern Munich's state, the Bundesliga giants are enjoying Attention throughout Europe. In the process of leading Bayern's multi-line hurricane, Frick effectively integrated the "legacy" left by several predecessors, not only retained some avant-garde and trendy tactical elements, but also played offensive football in line with Bayern tradition. The low-key masters of Bayern DNA are striding forward on the fast track of making history.


Restricted by geographical and traditional factors, Bayern Munich always regards the competition for the domestic championship as the team's foothold and fundamentals in the competitive field. From Breitner, Heynckes, Trapattoni and Rehagel to Magat, Klinsmann, Ancelotti and Kovac, the Bayern coach who lost in the league cannot escape his fate. , Few coaches lose their jobs due to weak foreign wars. In the 2012/13 season, Bayern reached the peak of competitive performance under the leadership of Heynckes and began to seek a breakthrough in style construction, trying to create a highly recognizable tactical system that can bring victory inertia.

受地理和传统因素的限制,拜仁慕尼黑始终将国内冠军的争夺视为球队在竞争领域的立足点和基础。从布雷特纳,海因克斯,特拉帕托尼和雷哈格尔到马加特,克林斯曼,安切洛蒂和科瓦奇,在联赛中败北的拜仁教练都无法摆脱命运。 ,很少有教练因疲弱的外国战争而失业。在2012/13赛季,拜仁在海因克斯(Heynckes)的领导下达到了竞争性表现的顶峰,并开始寻求在款式构造上的突破,试图创建一种可以引起胜利惯性的高度认可的战术体系。

The Bundesliga team has no shortage of champions and gold medal coaches, but they have little experience in leading the trend of tactics. The task of breaking conventions and innovative ideas needs to be completed by foreign teachers. Even if he failed to lead Bayern to achieve good results in the Champions League, Guardiola still became the "first man in the Bundesliga in 50 years" in the eyes of many people. Bild dared to put forward the slogan of "World Champions League" after the summer of Brazil. The contributions of the Catalans are inseparable.

德甲球队不乏冠军和金牌教练,但他们在引领战术潮流方面经验不足。打破惯例和创新观念的任务需要由外国老师来完成。即使瓜迪奥拉未能带领拜仁队在欧冠取得好成绩,但在许多人眼中,瓜迪奥拉仍然成为“ 50年来德甲联赛的第一人”。在巴西夏天过后,比尔德敢于提出“世界冠军联赛”的口号。加泰罗尼亚人的贡献是不可分割的。

During Guardiola's time, Bayern detonated Internet traffic, and the Bundesliga became a lecture hall for European advanced tactics. Many players have made great progress under his leadership. At the same time, the income, influence and market appeal of the Bayern club have also achieved leapfrog development, reaching a high level comparable to the top two in La Liga. As Guardiola's successor, Ancelotti is not a pioneer, but a master of resource allocation. The attributes of foreign warfare insiders are well known, which shows that Bayern's strategic focus has shifted to the Champions League.


Ancelotti's failure was quite unexpected, and Bayern had to invite Heynckes to come out again. At the end of the 2017/18 season, there was not much for Bayern to choose from. Kovac unexpectedly won the competition with Tuchel. The young coach who lacked coaching experience led Bayern through a season and a half.

安切洛蒂的失败是出乎意料的,拜仁不得不邀请海因克斯再次出现。在2017/18赛季末,拜仁没有太多选择。 Kovac意外地与Tuchel赢得了比赛。这位缺乏教练经验的年轻教练带领拜仁度过了一个半赛季。

Did not lose the Bundesliga title, in the Champions League left Real Madrid, a guest draw with Liverpool and bloodbath Arsenal, Tottenham and other famous games, even so, many people still do not think that Ancelotti and Kovac are successful. In the three seasons that Bayern "waste", Robben and Ribery's combination disintegrated, Rafinha and Hummels left the team, Harvey Martinez faded out of the main lineup, and Lewandoff stood after the new year. Ski and Thomas Muller are also slowly entering the end of their peak period. It is really regrettable that this team failed to win a Champions League trophy.

并没有失去德甲联赛的冠军头衔,在欧冠离开皇马,与利物浦和血腥的阿森纳,托特纳姆热刺等著名比赛中客串抽签,即便如此,许多人仍然不认为安切洛蒂和科瓦奇能成功。在拜仁“浪费”,罗本和里贝里的组合瓦解的三个赛季中,拉菲尼亚和胡默斯离开了球队,必威体育哈维·马丁内斯退出了主力阵容,而勒万多夫在新的一年之后站了起来。滑雪和托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller)也正慢慢进入高峰期的尽头。令人遗憾的是,这支球队未能赢得冠军联赛奖杯。

He has an insight into the details of tactics, and regards challenges and adventures as the keys to success. The persistence of self-belief is almost paranoid. You can work uninterrupted for 24 hours. You can lock yourself in the office and analyze the video for several hours. He often trains. Put forward amazing new ideas, treat every game with meticulous attitude and passionate dedication, Frick and Guardiola are both ball idiots.


Thanks to eight years of experience as an assistant coach, Flick has witnessed the prosperity and transformation of pass control and oppressive play, learned tolerance and flexibility in cooperation with Loew, and knows how to get along with players. Before the seemingly hasty appointment, Frick had already prepared for the first team.


From Kovac to Frick, the change of Bayern's position has nothing to do with the first-line coaches, which has caused some fans' concerns. Bayern’s adventure is well-founded: the Bundesliga is a hot spot for the first brothers in the field. Many teams are extremely bold in appointing coaches, such as Nagelsmann, Tedesco, Sandro Schwartz and Hannes. -Wolf and others were even younger than many players when they took office. The 55-year-old Frick has obviously much better experience than these young coaches.

从科瓦奇到弗里克,拜仁的位置变化与一线教练无关,这引起了一些球迷的担忧。拜仁的冒险之旅是有充分根据的:德甲联赛是该领域第一兄弟的热点。许多球队在任命教练方面都非常大胆,例如纳格斯曼,特德斯科,桑德罗·必威施瓦茨和汉尼斯。沃尔夫和其他人上任时甚至比许多球员还年轻。 55岁的弗里克(Frick)的经验显然比这些年轻教练要好得多。

The "Huang Sa" at the same level as Bayern is led by Guardiola and Zidane to the top, which seems to represent a certain trend. Frick owns Bayern DNA, and Loew has half his medal in the national team. He is Bayern’s Mr. Right.


In the middle of the 2015/16 season, Zidane succeeded Benitez as Real Madrid coach. Within 140 days after taking office, Zidane led the White Coat to recover an 11-point gap in the league, almost reversing Barcelona, ​​which was far ahead at the beginning. In the Champions League, it was the last laugh all the way to open the Champions League three consecutive championships. In the mid-season, Zidane did not have time to brand his own for Real Madrid. His way to success is to quickly integrate the "legacy" of Ancelotti and Benitez to make the stars comfortable.


From a record point of view, Bayern today is almost the same as Real Madrid back then, and Frick's team is even more efficient on the offensive end. Also taking over the mess in the middle of the season, Flick showed a "legacy" attitude and amazing resource integration ability like Zidane. From the first game, Zidane has "mainly played offensive football with a 433 formation, so that everyone can enjoy every match at the Bernabéu". From his first game coaching, Flick has been focusing on high position pressing + rapid advance tactics. Time brings back the rhythm of consecutive wins to Bayern.


Guardiola's handling of the backcourt propulsion system, Kovac's thinking about the overall formation structure, and Heynckes' design of wing attack and high position pressure are all fully demonstrated in Frick's tactical system. The low-key master from Heidelberg combined Bayern's best in the post-Van Gaal era and helped most players find suitable positions and play styles. In this season where most of the strong teams are in trouble and the Champions League lacks an absolute favorite to win, Frick's team has a good opportunity to make history.


In the 2018/19 season, Bayern Munich was crowned double champion under Kovac, and they lost a total of 5 games on two fronts. Except for the first round of the league's visit to Hertha Berlin, which is not scoring, Bayern was at a disadvantage in the first leg of the national derby, the Champions League home against Liverpool and the second half of the league against Leverkusen. When faced with opponents with strong running ability and sharper play style, Bayern seemed a bit unable to keep up with the rhythm. This situation was particularly evident in the 1-5 loss to Frankfurt this season.


After the coaching change, Bayern had two defeats, but the scenes and vitality the team played are no longer what they used to be. Frick's team has regained the dominance of the Guardiola era.

换帅后,拜仁两次失利,但球队所扮演的场景和活力已不再是过去。 Frick的团队重新夺回了瓜迪奥拉时代的统治地位。

Late last season, Kovac tried to integrate advanced tactical elements such as the three-back and the new three-forward play into the 4231 system, fully approaching the Premier League team in football style. Sane and Rodri failed to report, Lucas-Hernandez was slow to integrate, and Kovac failed to obtain the ideal puzzle of a "scientific experiment", and ultimately failed.

上赛季末,科瓦奇试图将先进的战术元素(如三分卫和新的三分法)融入到4231系统中,以足球风格完全接近英超球队。 Sane和Rodri未能报告,Lucas-Hernandez的整合缓慢,而Kovac未能获得“科学实验”的理想拼图,最终失败了。

Not only did Frick fail to completely deny Kovac’s experiment, he also found a replacement for these puzzles: Alfonso Davis pushed Koeman (Gnabry) into the penalty area, and Gretzka was in the offseason. Different from the front and back, Alaba has shown amazing adaptability in the central defender position.

弗里克不仅没有完全否认科瓦奇的实验,而且还找到了解决这些难题的替代方法:阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)将科曼(格纳布利)推入禁区,而格雷茨卡则处于休赛期。与正面和背面不同,阿拉巴在中后卫位置表现出了惊人的适应性。

Starting from goalkeeper Neuer, he patiently organized the backcourt pass, placing Alaba and Kimmich in the middle at the same time. In order to improve the defensive line pressure and the ability to deliver the ball, he did not hesitate to push the defensive line technology and light weight to the extreme. There are at least three or more matching routines between the wingers... Frick's thinking in building the backcourt is the same as Guardiola.


In order to alleviate the weakening of the defense caused by this deployment, on the one hand, Flick requires the frontcourt players to quickly counter-grab after losing the ball, and on the other hand, requires the defenders including Neuer to actively press forward and compress the third line Distance to protect the midfielder in the backcourt. This has brought huge benefits, and also left hidden dangers such as greater physical consumption and easy to be beaten behind by opponents. Bayern also had similar problems in the Guardiola era.


The offensive is wide open, the goals are dizzying, the lead is easy to do, and the calmness when falling behind. Today's Bayern gives people a passionate and invincible feeling. Flick and his disciples bring back the memories of the fans. The Heynckes era. Frick is very clear about what kind of football Bayern needs and how to balance the pursuit of athletic performance and style building.

进攻是开放的,目标令人眼花,乱,领先很容易做到,落后时的冷静。如今的拜仁给人们以热情和无敌的感觉。 Flick和他的徒弟带回了粉丝们的回忆。海因克斯时代。弗里克很清楚拜仁需要什么样的足球,以及如何平衡对运动表现和风格建设的追求。

Guardiola's coaching of Bayern is a landmark event in the pursuit of technicalization of German football. Some local German coaches have even become crazy on the road to "Western Learning". While assisting Lef in the national team, Flick remained calm. He repeatedly pointed out that German football places too much emphasis on the skills at the feet of players and ignores the drawbacks of personality cultivation and diversified development.


After coaching Bayern, Frick's "differentiated training" idea is reflected in the support of the members of "German FC". Kimmich is in the most suitable position for him, and Neuer has also recovered his peak state. The changes of Mueller and Gretzka are particularly obvious. The two offensive players with traditional German football stigma are in hot state, and Frick's team has recovered the long-lost Bayern spirit. Set-piece defense may be Bayern’s biggest problem at present. Considering that Flick has repeatedly advised Love on set-piece offense and defense, it is just around the corner for Bayern to fix this shortcoming.

在拜仁执教之后,弗里克的“差异化训练”构想体现在“德国足球俱乐部”成员的支持下。金米奇对他来说是最合适的位置,诺伊尔也恢复了他的巅峰状态。 Mueller和Gretzka的变化特别明显。两名具有德国传统足球耻辱感的进攻球员处于热门状态,弗里克(Frick)的球队已经恢复了久违的拜仁精神。套篮防守可能是目前拜仁最大的问题。考虑到Flick曾多次向Love提出关于成套进攻和防守的建议,Bayern弥补这一缺陷指日可待。

Leading Bayern to win the Bundesliga two rounds in advance has proved Flick's ability. The away win over Chelsea has made people look forward to the upper limit of this team. Compared with the era of Heynckes and Guardiola, Bayern's overall strength has declined at this stage. They are more dependent on the coach's tactical wisdom than ever before. The stability and unity of the locker room is equally important.


"As a coach, he is a gem, so talented people should be appreciated and promoted. He has made the team look completely different in a short period of time, playing attractively and being team-oriented. Bayern Now I have the opportunity to have a coach who can create an era!" Heynckes’ evaluation of the juniors is just right. Bayern needs someone worthy of the club’s history, respect for the club’s traditions, be embraced by everyone, and have the ability to pioneer. A head coach who can always maintain a modest and cautious attitude, Frick is undoubtedly the ideal candidate to undertake this important task.


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