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Chinese Football Fu China has hundreds of millions of households, how many commoner patriots among them? Young talents become veterans, and current aspirations are dust. Biyan once taught Asian loneliness and Tianzhu who beat the dragon drum. But watching the darkness cover the earth, Chinese football is in the dust. For thirty years, thousands of handsome men were abandoned. How many fans looked down the field, men and women cried. Lost to Hong Kong in 1985 and 19, Luzhou lost to Thailand. If you haven't entered the World Cup for ten years, how many scholars scold the national football team. Black whistle bribe funeral justice, big rats and rats eat me. Merit and fame, at a glance, do not talk about the outcome of the national football. Li and Lu, the aspirations to win the championship have all entered the soil. How many ups and downs of the journey, are the players suffering? Fame is nothing more than a game. How can Chinese football be slick? Who will enjoy the benefits, who will lose the reputation, when will the light be restored? The coach is gray-haired, the players are lonely, but look at the dark and corrupt. Winning wins, either tie or lose. No one is in charge. Come, watch the referee whistle and win or lose. Come and come, teach VAR into controversy. Huang Huang Zhenling writes Fu, how many fans cry after losing? Jinyuan Chinese Super League foreign aid, the sixth league resumes immediately. Poor my own youth trainee, lack of ability and no way out. The 23 New Deals are like an ephemeral, it's hard to shake the tree even if you play. The southern geese flew from the north and wailed, and the scholars went to Europe like a crucian. The team loses on the bench, and it is difficult for the team to gain a foothold. Asia's third-rate is still the same, smile and ask if you are satisfied? Judgment and sentry, fighting for fame and fortune in disregard. Pawn and pawn, but worry about losing and losing the fans. How many times did the floating sigh, is the national football suffering? A dream is paid when you qualify to win, just see how many people on the sidelines cry? In the 2004 World Cup in Korea and Japan, black whistles and bribes kept coming out. Can't escape the goal and be blown, can't avoid winning or losing subversion. Who would have thought that the new VAR rule would help the abuser to take justice. Sixteen years later, the black whistle remains, and the Chinese players are still suffering. Alas? ! How ashamed of it? Faintly burying several generations, VAR broke the fairness. There are hundreds of official whistles, and it is difficult to repeat wrong judgments and missed judgments! The fans shouted for help, and the fans covered their faces and cried. Fans do not want to be dark, fans want no black whistle. Alas? ! How angry is it? Xie Tong Yinhan should be tuned, then Kunlun Qing Ziwu. Eleven people who were sad on the field, who cried when the fans lost. This endowment highlights the injustice in football, and is self-fair in the event of injustice. This gift is worthy of shame in football. Fairness has been majestic, fairness has fallen. Throughout the ages, there will be shady infamy. Before and after he was alive, he was exhausted. To win, the fans suffer. Losing, the fans suffer. Law enforcement on the court, the black whistle officials sent out all at once. A big mouse on the field does not emphasize the name of football. Who knows that darkness covers the earth, and the fans are angry and stunned. Who said that the players have no vigor, generous, and hard-hearted to serve the country. Covering up the tragedy, the mind is dead. Seeing Shuo Rat, how much corruption is there? Players are outstanding on the court, and fans will not admit defeat. Without fear, darkness covers the earth, and the banner restores the light.

中国足球福 中国有亿万个家庭,其中有多少平民爱国者? 年轻的人才成为退伍军人,当前的愿望是尘土。 碧彦曾经教过亚洲人的寂寞,而天竺则教过龙鼓。 但是看着黑暗笼罩大地,中国足球在尘土中。 三十年来,数千名英俊的男人被遗弃。 男人和女人都哭了多少球迷。 1985年和19日输给香港的19州输给了泰国。 如果您已经十年没有参加世界杯,那么有多少学者会骂国家足球队。 黑哨贿赂丧事公义,大老鼠和老鼠吃了我。 功绩和名声一目了然betway88必威,不谈论国家足球的结果。 李和鲁,赢得冠军的愿望都已经进入土壤。 玩家经历了多少起伏? 名气不过是一场游戏。中国足球如何变得光betway88必威彩夺目? 谁将享受收益,谁将失去名誉,何时恢复光明? 教练是满头白发,球员很寂寞,但看着黑暗而腐败。 胜负,平局或输局。 没有人负责。 来吧,看着裁判的哨声,输赢。 来吧,教VAR引发争议。 黄震灵写赋,失去后有多少歌迷哭泣? 金源中超联赛的外援,第六联赛立即恢复。 我自己的青年实习生很差,缺乏能力,没有出路。 23笔新交易就像是短暂的,即使您玩也很难摇晃树。 南部必威的鹅从北部飞过并哭泣,学者们像a鱼一样去了欧洲。 球队在替补席上输了球,球队很难站稳脚跟。 亚洲的三流还是一样,笑着问你是否满意? 审判和哨兵,无视名利双收。 典当和典当,但担心迷失粉丝。 浮动的叹息声有多少次,国足正遭受苦难? 当您有资格赢得梦想时,梦想就兑现了,只是看看有多少人在场边哭泣? 在2004年韩国和日本世界杯上,黑哨子和贿赂不断涌出。 无法逃脱目标而被炸毁,无法避免赢得或失去颠覆。 谁会想到新的VAR规则将有助于滥用者绳之以法。 十六年后,黑哨仍然存在,中国球员仍然受苦。 唉? !多么羞愧呢? VAR隐瞒了几代人,打破了公平。 有数百个官方口哨,很难重复错误的判断和错过的判断! 歌迷大喊求救,歌迷捂住脸哭了。 粉丝们不想变黑,粉丝们不要黑哨。 唉? !有多生气? 谢统音翰应调,昆仑青子无。 11名在球场上伤心的人,在球迷迷路时哭了。 这种天赋凸显了betway88必威足球运动中的不公正,在不公正的情况下是公平的。 这份礼物值得在足球中丢人。 公平是雄伟的,公平是下降的。 长期以来,都会有可耻的污名。 在他还活着之前和之后,必威他筋疲力尽。 为了赢球,球迷们受了苦。 输了,球迷们受了苦。 在法庭上执法时,黑哨官员立即全部出动。 球场上的大老鼠并不强调足球的名称。 谁知道黑暗笼罩着大地,球迷们生气又目瞪口呆。 谁说球员们没有活力,慷慨和为国家服务的心肠。 掩盖悲剧,头脑已经死了。 看到硕鼠,那里有多少腐败? 球员在场上表现出色,球迷们不会承认失败。 没有恐惧,黑暗笼罩了大地,而旗帜又恢复了光明。

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