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   Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 2nd. Title: The hurdle of life makes me more mature


  ——Interview with Zhou Qi, the "Big Devil" of Men's Basketball


Xinhua reporter Su bin, Wu junkuan and Lu Xingji

ξ年华reporter sub in, w U君款and lux ing急

   "This is a hurdle in life, it makes me more mature and calmer."


In an exclusive interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency, Zhou Qi, the main center of the Chinese Men’s Basketball and Xinjiang team, talked about the unusual 2019-2020 season of the Chinese Men’s Basketball League (CBA) due to the epidemic, and talked about the regular season most valuable player with Yi Jianlian ( MVP) dispute, talked about the growth of stepping on the professional field for six years, and did not avoid the disappointment of last year's Basketball World Cup.


   After the World Cup, the "Big Devil" who was somewhat closed for a while, has now learned to accept and express frankly. Letting go sometimes does not mean forgetting, but starting anew, looking for a better self.


   (Subheading) The death of the World Cup, a hurdle in life


"This hurdle has always been there. This is indeed a very big thing, and it is also caused by my own mistakes, so it is not realistic to say that it is not realistic to cross the past." Regarding the critical moment of the World Cup group match against Poland a year ago, Zhou Qi said.


   Time back to September 2, 2019, Beijing Wukesong Stadium. In the last 7.2 seconds, the Chinese team, which leads by 1 point and holds the ball, is undoubtedly closer to victory. If they can win, the host will take the initiative in the group qualifying and even the Olympic ticket competition.


   Fate made a joke. What happened later, people don’t want to remember, but it’s hard to forget.


   Zhou Qi made a sideline ball error and was cut off by a Polish player. Zhao Rui, who returned to the defense, fouled. The Chinese team was dragged into overtime by the opponent and was defeated. After losing to Venezuela, they missed the round of 16. After losing the qualifying match with the Nigerian team, the Chinese team failed to pass through Tokyo.


   Some people blame Zhou Qi for the failure of the Chinese men's basketball team to pass through the Olympics, and there are endless sarcasm and even abuse of him on the Internet. After the World Cup, Zhou Qi was alone for a long time, not speaking, hoping to be quiet. He wants to spend time to adjust his mental state through training and preparing for the next league season. His family and coach have given him a lot of encouragement. "I will definitely look forward and perform better by improving my abilities. I will not make such mistakes again in the next games."

有人将中国男篮未能通过奥运会归咎于周琦,互联网上无休止的讽刺甚至虐待他。世界杯结束后,周琦一个人呆了很长时间,不说话,希望保持安静。他想花时间通过训练和为下一个联赛赛季做准备来调整自己的精神状态。他的家人和教练给了他很多鼓励。 “我一定会期待着通过提高自己的能力而表现更好。在接下来的比赛中,我不会再犯这样的错误。”

"You will always keep it in your heart. I will remember this for a lifetime." Zhou Qi hopes that through constant hard training and competition, he will become stronger, help the team more comprehensively, and maximize his ability. .

“您将始终将其牢记在心。我将终生铭记这一点。”周琦希望通过不断的艰苦训练和比赛,他会变得更强壮,更全面地帮助球队,并最大限度地发挥自己的能力。 。

   Speaking of the psychological state during that period, Zhou Qi thought for a long time. "I feel a lot of pressure. The whole person is in a state of closed self. I don’t want to communicate with others or talk about those things. I still hope that I can be alone for a period of time, calm down to accept, and change myself, because things are also happened."

说起那个时期的心理状态,周琦思索了很长时间。 “我感到很大的压力。整个人都处于封闭的自我状态。我不想与其他人交流或谈论这些事情。我仍然希望我可以一个人一段时间,保持冷静接受并改变自己,因为事情也发生了。”

Regarding the unfriendly voices on social media, Zhou Qi said: “There will be some (careful) that you can’t be completely ignorant of it. This thing is always there. You can’t change everyone’s mind, you can only do well. Yourself. You cannot change this thing. It is impossible to say that this situation can adapt to you, you have to adapt to it."


   (subtitle) does not meet the CBA semi-finals, the goal is to be the champion


   After the mission of the national team, Zhou Qi returned to the club to prepare for the 2019-2020 season CBA league. This is his first season of returning to the CBA arena. He is greeted by his first-time head coach Ah Tejiang, as well as new teammates such as Qi Lin, Lu Tubula, Revkatijiang and Liu Lipeng.


   In Zhou Qi’s view, Ah Tijiang’s coaching ability is beyond doubt. He had encountered some difficulties before. After returning to the club, he received a lot of help from Ah Tijiang’s guidance in training games and life after a season.


"His military style requires me to learn. Through contact and communication with him, my thinking or understanding ability has become broader, not so stubborn, and thinking more openly." Zhou Qi said, "I encountered difficulties. After that, to a certain extent, the guidance of Ah Tie Jiang was very important to me, so that I could get out of that state as soon as possible."


Zhou Qi believes that he is becoming more and more adaptable to Ah Tijiang’s tactical system. “A Ti Jiang has also taken Wang Zhizhi with him before, and his use of me can be said to give full play to my characteristics, avoiding my disadvantages, and tactical arrangements around I set up some special styles of play, which is a certainty to me."

周琦认为,他越来越适应阿提江的战术体系。 “一位铁匠以前也曾带过王志之,可以说他对我的利用充分发挥了我的特点,避免了我的劣势,而且我周围的战术安排树立了一些特殊的比赛风格,这是可以肯定的对我来说。”

   Affected by the epidemic, the CBA was once suspended this season, and it was rematched on June 20. The entire season lasted for nine and a half months, which is an unprecedented experience for anyone.


"After determining the time (for the rematch), I feel like a rock has fallen in my heart." Zhou Qi felt that after all, the preparation before the match is different from the training months before the match. It is too late to determine the time for the rematch and it is more difficult for players to adjust. , So I feel a bit "torn".

“确定(重新比赛)的时间后,我感觉自己的内心已经跌落了。”周琦感到,毕竟比赛前的准备与比赛前几个月的训练不同。确定重新比赛的时间为时已晚,玩家难以调整。 ,所以感觉有点“撕裂”。

   The Xinjiang team encountered a lot of resistance this season. The striker Abdul Saramu was seriously injured and was reimbursed for the season. Under the influence of the epidemic, the foreign aid was unable to return. The signed "wild ball" foreign aid Grover was abandoned within a few games. After the semifinals, the Xinjiang team, which played for most of the Chinese class, ranked second in the regular season, and was eliminated by the Liaoning team in the semifinals.

新疆队本赛季遇到了很多阻力。前锋阿卜杜勒·萨拉穆(Abdul Saramu)受了重伤,本赛季得到报销。在这种流行病的影响下,外国援助无法返回。签名的“野球”外援格罗弗在几场比赛后被遗弃。在半决赛之后,代表中国大部分联赛的新疆队在常规赛中排名第二,在半决赛中被辽宁队淘汰。

   Zhou Qi said that when the team encountered some problems, the overall performance was not satisfactory. Injuries occurred in the team after the rematch, which disrupted the plan to a certain extent, encountered various problems, and the final results were not so satisfactory. "In the end, we are definitely not satisfied with this result, because our goal is not the semifinals, we have always been fighting for the championship."

周琦说,当团队遇到一些问题时,整体表现并不令人满意。赛后球队受伤,这在一定程度上破坏了计划,遇到了各种问题,最终结果并不令人满意。 “最后,我们绝对对这个结果不满意,因为我们的目标不是半决赛,我们一直在为冠军而战。”

   (subtitle) I care more about team performance than MVP


This season, Zhou Qi showed his "big devil" qualities. He averaged 22.2 points and 13.3 rebounds per game during the regular season, setting a career high. In addition, he also had 2.3 blocks in the account, which brought him infinitely close to the first regular season MVP of his career. He is behind Yi Jianlian by 1 point.


"It's not a pity. I can get such a high number of votes. It is a kind of affirmation of me. It is also unexpected." Zhou Qi said that he cares more about the team's performance, rather than abandoning the team's performance. Individual awards.


   "From the first year of entering the league, I have not used data to prove anything, but used my ability to help the team achieve good results as much as possible. This is more important than personal data."


   Unfortunately, Zhou Qi, who missed the MVP, still won the Best Defensive Player award. "Before I went to the United States, the task I assumed in the team was to be more defensive. I have been doing my job well and increasing offense while doing a good job of defense. I still expected myself to be more comprehensive, not Do a certain item."

不幸的是,错过了MVP的周必威体育琦仍然获得了最佳防守球员奖。 “在去美国之前,我在团队中承担的任务是更具防御性。我一直做得很好,在做好防守的同时增加了进攻。我仍然希望自己更加全面,而不是做一个特定的项目。”

Zhou Qi feels that after returning from playing abroad, he is more capable of confrontation and judgment than before. At the beginning of the league, he is looking for the state of the game, and slowly adapting to new teammates, new coaches and overall play style. Better.


   Nowadays, there are many young players in this Xinjiang team. Except for Xirelijiang and Kelanbeike, Zhou Qi is considered to be the player with the longest time in the team, which makes his shoulders more responsibilities than before.


   "Normally, I'm a young player." Zhou Qi, 24, does not forget to emphasize this point. He hopes to take on more through the game and help the team to the best of his ability. The Xinjiang team began to prepare for the third day of the Lunar New Year. During the closed training period, Zhou Qi had more opportunities to communicate with his teammates.

“通常,我是一个年轻球员。” 24岁的周琦(音译)不会忘记强调这一点。他希望在比赛中发挥更多作用,并尽力帮助球队。新疆队开始为农历新年的第三天做准备。在封闭训练期间,周琦有更多与队友交流的机会。

"After the young players came up, I played with them for the first time and trained together. Everyone needs a process of mutual understanding, including adapting to each other's playing methods and understanding each other's understanding of basketball." In Zhou Qi's view, no matter the degree of tacit understanding or the feeling of the game. , The team's integrity after the rematch is better than before. "The team has a lot of talented players, and they are constantly improving, taking on more responsibilities for the team and sharing the pressure of our relatively ‘old players’."

“年轻球员上来之后,我第一次和他们一起比赛并一起训练。每个人都需要一个相互理解的过程,包括适应彼此的打法和了解彼此对篮球的理解。”在周琦看来,无论是默契的程度还是游戏的感觉。 ,重新比赛后的团队整体素质比以前更好。 “球队拥有很多才华横溢的球员,他们正在不断提高,为球队承担更多责任,并分担我们相对'老球员'的压力。”

   (subtitle) Follow the role model and improve yourself


Zhou Qi remembers the excitement and excitement when he first joined the CBA in the 2014-2015 season. He was surrounded by experienced teammates such as Liu Wei, Su Wei, and Tang Zhengdong. He also felt the pressure invisibly. "The body is relatively thin, and there may be confrontation with them. Some gaps, more still holding a learning attitude, is the first time to enter the league, and joining such a strong team, the pressure is still quite large."

周琦记得他在2014-2015赛季首次加入CBA时的激动和兴奋。他周围有经验丰富的队友,例如刘伟,苏伟和唐正东。他也感受到了压力。 “身体相对较瘦,可能会与他们对抗。有些差距,甚至仍然保持学习态度,这是第一次进入联盟,加入如此强大的团队后,压力仍然很大。”

   In the past six years, Zhou Qi has grown from a star of hope to a star player. He has had high points and lows. Recalling this experience, he said that he hoped that he would continue to work hard, continue to persevere, and not be affected by these factors. "It's better to meet these things earlier than later. From the moment I entered CBA, even if I enter society, this is something I must experience, and it is something I should grow up to."

在过去的六年中,周淇已经从希望之星成长为一名明星球员。他有高潮和低潮。他回顾这一经验,他希望他将继续努力,继续坚持下去,不受这些因素的影响。 “最好早点解决这些问题。从我加入CBA的那一刻起,即使我进入社会,这也是我必须经历的,也是我应该成长的。”

   Chinese basketball has produced many excellent inside players, including the three former "Mobile Great Walls", and Yi Jianlian, who is still the leader. As a leader of the new generation of inside players, Zhou Qi said that he will use these predecessors as examples, work hard towards the goal, and constantly improve himself, without restricting himself to a certain aspect, hoping to become more mature and assume more responsibilities.


"At present, I still have no way to compare with them. I still need to improve in all aspects. Excluding the two years I went to the United States, this is my fourth (CBA) season. I can only say that I have just started to go down smoothly after starting The whole state of the first three years is completely different from that of the fourth year. Maybe I sometimes forget those three years. After returning from the United States, it is my first year to play league games, so that I can have a better state. Play a game."


   Faced with the speeding trend of basketball in the world today, as an inside player with flexible footwork and excellent mobility, Zhou Qi believes that the current basketball trend allows him to avoid some of his own disadvantages and use his personal abilities.


Looking forward to the future, Zhou Qi said firmly: "The goal is definitely to continue to win the championship. It is impossible to say that winning a championship is enough. For athletes, winning the championship is definitely everyone's idea, and they are all towards this goal. Go hard."


   Speaking of losing the Olympic Games, "I will definitely go all out to win the game. As for the prospects, we will definitely work towards the goal." He said.


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