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Tiger Fight, September 30, Barcelona coach Koeman attended the pre-match press conference with Celta


There is no doubt that we know that tomorrow’s game will be very difficult. I also heard that Barcelona’s home games at Celta have been difficult to win in the past few years. This shows that Celta is very difficult and we need to play a very good game. In order to win.


First of all, after Messi's speech, it was a bit of a relief, because as Barcelona coach, various things always happen.


Everyone may think that he is going to sign a contract, but before the official signing, I still don't comment much. But I think it's basically certain. Next we will have a young full-back. This is also Barcelona's current strategy, which is to introduce young players. Next, Durst will compete with other full-backs, but I still think this is a good thing. He is still very young and has participated in the Champions League. Next, he will be a good player for Barcelona.


First of all, this requires a decision by the players and the club. As long as Dembele is still with us, we will need him. He did not play in the last game because there are many players in this position. Fati’s performance is very good. Dembele still needs to wait. opportunity. But Dembele has been selected for the big list. The player's physical condition has been ups and downs, but he has worked very hard in the last two days.


I don't know if this question is all up to me. As a coach, we need to find the most suitable lineup for Messi. Messi can also find the best form in it. This is what he has been doing. We are looking for such a way in training,


This problem exists everywhere, in the Netherlands and the Premier League. This has often happened in the past period of time, such as when and how is handball. As referees, their job is actually getting harder. But in the final analysis, by the end of the season, everyone's benefits or losses are roughly the same. I personally support VAR technology, which is very important.


I think the first thing that needs to be discussed is what the lineup lacks. We also know about the financial problems of Barcelona in the past period. This is also a common problem for all clubs.


No, I don’t think I’m worried because I think Griezmann is playing very well. Of course he’s playing on the right, but he is different from players like Fati or Dembele because he can approach the center and be free. Action, I think Griezmann played well.


In the previous game against France, Griezmann was on the right. We didn't mean that we had to stand in the middle. Cutting from the side to the middle can also create a threat. Griezmann can help his teammates, including his activities and running on the side. I think not only the left side, but the right side should also have more depth.


I think for players with few opportunities, it is better to leave. Rafinha has been on loan before, but I think it’s not a thing to keep on loan, right? At present, we have too many midfielders and we need to find the most suitable lineup. Whether it is selected or lost, it is my technical and tactical consideration.


I think any position is very important. Center forward and central defender, Barcelona are relatively weak at present. We only have Pique, Langley and Araujo as defenders. This lineup must be very thin, so we promoted the players of the echelon. This is definitely not enough for the next season.


The most important thing for me is to ensure that all players in our system are comfortable playing, but we will definitely adjust, but not a lot, because our players are very strong, we need to pay attention to ourselves, and we don’t need to pay too much attention to opponents. how is it. What you have to do as Barcelona is how to beat your opponents and get ready. I don't know if my opponent is a 4-4-2 or a 5 guard. We don't know. All I can do is focus on myself.


And I think 4-2-3-1 is also a formation that Barcelona rarely used in the past period of time. This requires us to adjust and focus on this formation as much as possible so that the players can adapt to the new style of play. Of course, we can observe and adapt to the opponent's lineup, but in contrast, what is more important is our own style of play.


(Hesitates) Yes, I think Brethwaite can play, but I think each position requires at least two people, and even three talents for a forward position. Of course, Messi and Griezman can play in the middle, but in contrast, Breiswaite is closer to the center.


I think first of all, I talked to Durst about the national team before because he can choose the Netherlands. But he chose the United States. This is his own choice. His personal thoughts are okay. I am also happy for American football because there is Conrad and Durst. But both players are very young and they still need to accumulate experience, which is good for American football.


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