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Tiger Fight, October 16th. Through Searle Radio, Shenzhen Kaisa’s owner Shuai Cruyff said: "Grid is free in the French team. He does not have this status in Barcelona. A team can only give one player such The role, if Messi is in the French team, then maybe this role is still his."


"If I want to watch these games in China, it will be 2:45 in the morning. It is impossible to watch (laughs). It is impossible to watch. But when I wake up in the morning, I will try my best to watch it. When there are great goals, it will obviously watch. ."


"He has changed a lot. Physically it is a very conspicuous change. I think the rhythm of the Premier League is very good for him. The team he plays for is also very helpful for him. He is very confident now. Get a lot of opportunities. Indeed, it feels like a person like this suddenly appeared in Spain. Where did this guy come from. This guy came from the Barcelona youth training. The problem is that he went to multiple teams afterwards, and now he has attracted attention. He is a very modern player, with speed, breakthrough, and dribbling. Now he is obviously a very special player."


"Yes, I think he also feels that he is playing more securely in the French national team. In the national team he has a more stable starting position and can run more freely on the court. And obviously, in the Barcelona team, such a role And this freedom belongs to Messi. He is the strongest player in the team, and obviously Messi’s level is higher than that of Grid. And there are capabilities, personality, etc., I think we don’t need to discuss May now. West’s ability, but it’s clear that Messi is the one who now has such a role in the Barcelona team. It is difficult for a team to give two players such a free role. If this is the case, it will greatly affect the team’s plan. Big influence. Obviously Grid has that role in the national team, he has that status, he does not have such a status in Barcelona, ​​because the person who has such a role is Messi."


"I don't think, for me, I would not treat such things as propaganda. Obviously he was very happy at the time. He felt that he was an important player and he scored a beautiful goal. I think his remarks are a bit of gratitude to the national team coach for believing in him even in difficult times. This is his way of expressing gratitude. As for him, he said that Deschamps understood the faction. What position does he play, then I guess that might be how he feels, but if Messi plays for the French national team, then it may be Messi who gets that free role again. But I would not take such remarks as He is criticizing the coach of the club. Maybe the player’s approach is to put pressure on himself. He is a striker. In recent years, he has played on the left. This situation does not help him. I think he may not have that. This is the characteristic of playing on the wing. He did sometimes play No. 9 in Barcelona, ​​and also played on the right and then cut inside. He also did this in Atletico Madrid. I think it’s better than putting pressure on Coman. He said these words more to put pressure on himself, and Koeman will continue to give him opportunities, and Grid needs to score the goals he can always score in the past, and I believe he will do it."


"Yes, I think there are probably two reasons for this. The first reason I have explained is the absolute trust from the coach. Even if you are in poor form for 70 minutes, I will never replace you. Trust. I think this is a question of status. In Atletico I think he is a privileged player, but in Barcelona he is not. Maybe he is aware of this. And last season when Suarez was still in the frontcourt There is always one of the three who needs to take the ball with their backs, dribble to break through, and open up the space, but it is clear that Griezmann is not a player of this type. He also likes to participate in the middle, so I think these three They didn't find the balance they were eager to find, and Suarez's departure may give Grid more opportunities to play in the middle, and may even give him the opportunity to play on the right and rely on his left foot, just like he did in Atletico Madrid. "


"This is a different era. I remember that my father only let Koeman sit on the bench like this before. I remember that when everyone was discussing who the four foreign players would sit on the bench, Koeman sat on the bench in the end. My father did not advance. How many days I told Coman that he did it, and when Coman asked him why he did it, my father said:'I think you are the strongest mentally and can withstand such things the most.' Faced with this explanation What else can you say. I think Koeman is a tough character, but now I think the coach should communicate more with the players, not to mention the privileged players in your team, and also experienced a difficult summer, he has already In the summer that he wants to go, the last thing he should do now is to make him more unhappy. I'm sure Koeman will communicate with Messi and will ask him how he is in the game, whether he can play in the game, or if he is in the last 30 minutes. If necessary, do it again. And what I can be sure of is that when you play on the plateau, you start to feel uncomfortable after ten minutes of playing. You can't maintain the whole game, and the opponents in both games are very difficult. , This is the situation that Koman needs to consider."


"Yes, so I said to communicate, and then solve this kind of thing. And considering the current situation of Barcelona, ​​considering the impeachment vote, I think what Koman should do is to at least calm the team on the court. Pass, get three points."

``必威体育是的,所以我说要沟通,然后解决这类问题。考虑到巴塞罗那的现状,考虑弹each投票,我认为科曼应该做的至少是让球队在球场上保持冷静。 ,得三分。”

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