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4-0. This is Setien’s third big victory after coaching Barcelona. Although the team lags behind their opponents in shots 12-13 and lost 11-13 in steals, Barcelona still relies on Messi with 1 goal and 2 assists. Scored two goals in 15 minutes to complete the victory. Well, honestly, Valverde, when did you come back?

4-0。这是塞蒂安执教巴塞罗那之后的第三次大胜。尽管该队以12-13落后于对手,并且在抢断中以11-13落后,但巴萨仍betway88必威然依靠梅西1球2助攻。 15分钟内打进2球,完成了胜利。好吧,老实说,Valverde,你什么时候回来的?

Opponent Mallorca is not good, La Liga defensive first dish, conceded 48 goals two more than the deputy squad leader Spaniard. In 28 league games, Mallorca lost the ball first in 18 games. Under the headwind, the team only scored 1 point on Celta. The coach in this field is even more bold in rotation, abandoning the main double back, replaced by two younger players, Pozo is still a winger debut, facing this polite Mallorca, Barcelona decisively turned away.


It’s a fact that long passes are not efficient, but it depends on the opponent’s exposed backcourt space and the level of their own team’s players. If both are developing in a positive direction, then the rational use of long passes is an effective offensive method, such as this Barcelona and Mallorca in a game.


Mallorca is a very contradictory team, with an average possession rate of 44%, but never counterattack. In the team's 28 goals, not a single goal was completed by counterattack. The team prefers positional warfare, with an average of 13.6 violations per game. Mallorca likes to use quick passes to create offensive opportunities, but can't control the game and leave without stopping.


This tactical style team is good at compressing the front line to create a high position press, using the active running of the frontcourt players, and the backcourt defensive players to regain the ball in time. Mallorca has the seventh highest number of ball possessions per game in the league. This also means that the team's back line must be as close as possible to the midfield at 5-10 meters. The opponent will immediately encounter the back after passing the midfield defense.


As can be seen from the picture, Mallorca’s trailing midfielder is standing between the goalkeeper and the forward. The distance between him and the closest teammate is exactly equal to the distance between the closest teammate and the former teammate. The open space of Mallorca’s backcourt can be imagined. And know. What's more interesting is Pozzo's active position. The 21-year-old right back is good at top steals, averaging 2 steals per game, visible efficiency, but he rarely returns in depth, which creates effective space for long passes.


Mallorca formed a strong side on the left, which led to Kubo Jianying to move to the center to fill the gap in the center, allowing Alba to get space on the side. Pozzo rushed to grab Barcelona's No. 18 to prevent the players from turning around on the wing and pushing forward. But he took too much risk on defense this time. Because of Pozo’s departure, Mallorca was forced to face 3v3 in the backcourt, two of which were Messi and Suarez.

马洛卡在左侧形成强壮的一面,这导致久保健英移至中央以填补中央的空白,使阿尔巴必威能够在侧面获得空间。 Pozzo争抢巴塞罗那18号,以防止球员转身侧翼并向前推进。但是这次他在防守上承担了太多的风险。由于Pozo的离开,马洛卡被迫在后场面对3v3,其中两个是梅西和苏亚雷斯。

Majorca's high defense is not only reflected in the pressing end, but also likes to implement it in deep defense. One is to further compress the frontal space of Barcelona, ​​and the other is the frontal defensive ability of the defender.


Therefore, Setien's team avoids its edge, but frequently uses long passes to use the opponent's backcourt space. Messi assisted Alba's goal as an example.


After a three-month break, Setien developed a strategy of moving the midfield to a wide range and supporting the sides and center.


The specific point is that Barcelona does not have a winger, and all offensive kills rely on wing backs. There are two problems with this dependence:


1. The full-back is too far away from the frontcourt, no matter how fast the player needs time to sprint, the ball will always be faster than the human.


2. If you choose a full-back to top as far as possible and shorten the contact distance, then the offensive effect of the back row will no longer exist.


The opposing defensive player used you as a winger. You are a full-back and have no winger skills, so Barcelona's offense during that period was very awkward, because they were always waiting for the full-back to put on.


Setien no longer sticks to midfield control in this field, but requires the players to open up the space when pushing forward, allowing the midfielder to respond along the sidelines and complete the work of forward insertion and series. Although there is no effect of combining the sides, the ball The team has one more player on the offensive end, and can create a second offensive opportunity. Barcelona's player on this field is De Jong.

Setien不再在该领域坚持中场控制,而是要求球员在向前推进时打开空间,让中场球员能够在场边反应并完成前插和连胜的工作。尽管没有合并双方的效果,但球队在进攻端还有一名球员,并且可以创造第二次进攻机会。巴塞罗那在该领域的球员是De Jong。

After De Jong entered the position before, he would try to receive the rib space with his back to the goal. The Dutchman is simply not good at playing like this.

德容(De Jong)进入位置后,他会尝试在背对球门的情况下获得肋骨空间。荷兰人根本不擅长这样的比赛。

In this game, De Jong no longer uses his right foot to cut into the middle, but uses the open space of the side to move forward. Passing or direct breakthrough can give full play to the characteristics of the player. It is a waste of cooperation in the small space around the middle every day. De Jong's advantage.


When the Dutchman first got the ball, Kubo Jianying, who should have defended him, did not come back, and De Jong gained plenty of room to advance on the wing. Pozzo tried to intercept De Jong, the latter found that his distance with the defensive player had narrowed, and decisively chose to take the ball forward, while Brethwaite advanced in and took advantage of the remaining wing space behind Pozzo's top. At this moment, Barcelona formed again. The 3v3 screen of the frontcourt.

当荷兰人第一次拿到球时,本来应该为他辩护的久保健英并没有回来,而德容则获得了很大的发展空间。 Pozzo试图拦截De Jong,后者发现他与防守球员的距离缩小了,果断地选择了将球向前推进,而Brethwaite进站并利用了Pozzo身后的剩余侧翼空间。此刻,巴塞罗那再次组建。前场的3v3屏幕。

In addition, De Jong replaced Alba's work to a certain extent when he intervened in support. The full-back will face a risk assessment for forwarding support, that is, the thinking of 5 meters for 50 meters. The opponent's wing midfielder will retreat for 5 meters, making the wing back afraid to move forward resolutely. This is a kind of pressure caused by defensive movement. When the full back discovers that the opposing wing midfielder adopts a recovery stance, his idea of ​​sprinting will be weakened. a lot of.

此外,在De Jong的支持下,他在一定程度上取代了Alba的工作。后卫将面临风险评估以获得前锋支持,即将5米换成50米。对手的机翼中场将后退5米,使机翼后方害怕坚决向前。这是防御运动造成的压力。当后卫发现对方的后翼中场采取恢复立场时,他的短跑想法将被削弱。许多。

Messi scored the goal after a successful breakthrough. The left side of the response was no longer Alba but De Jong. The Dutch took the outside run and kept Pozo still for 1 second. This is the stagnation that made Bryce Witte seized the chance of a pass. Even Suarez's score after slipping arrived at the foot of De Jong on the wing, and the Dutchman once again fell into the penalty area.


On the other side, Vidal played in a standard way. After Griezman frequently retracements, he will fill the center's vacancy and ensure that there are at least two players in the center to grab points. Setien's use of the Chilean also gave full play to the player's own initiative, no longer fixed it in a certain position, but let him walk in the midfield and striker position, Vidal's defensive pressure was reduced, and the attack also gained Goal.


Roberto is often complained about not being fast enough and lacking obvious characteristics in his technical style. However, in this field, the short-headed Barcelona No. 20 runs fast.


Roberto's advantage lies in his strong coordination ability. The development of the ball from his side can maintain high-speed rotation without stopping halfway. Only in this way can Barcelona's offense form a situation of attacking advantage in a short time.


The route of Roberto's cross is looking for the opponent's defense and midfield space, and when entering the penalty area, there are a total of 3 players who grab points, check the front point, insert the back point, and ambush at the far end. Roberto's pass was quick and accurate, and he still took the ball. It was probably the epidemic that he figured out at home. This offensive strategy is very effective against Mallorca.


In addition, Roberto's personal breakthrough ability is limited, so Setien arranged a set of scenes for the players to take the ball. Except for Messi, any other pass to Roberto must ensure that there are players around the player.


Messi scored the ball to Pique, who saw that Roberto did not pass the ball, but returned to Busquets. The professor looked at the long pass to complete the transmission.


The difference between the two choices lies in the position of Vidal. When Pique took the ball, Vidal was still looking back in the middle. When Busquets took the ball, Vidal was already leaning to the right rib. When Roberto took the ball, Vidal was ready to go down the sidewalk.


Setien gave up the strong control of a small area in the middle, but frequently inserted deep and diagonally, threatening the opponent's penalty area through the combination of sides. The most threatening offensive method in football is through oblique penetration, but today's defense is difficult to use this method to score, so crosses are popular.


Many goals in today's football come from crosses. The difference is whether you wait for the opponent to stand and then pass or wait for the opponent's defense to be crossed. The former is laborious and not thankful, but the latter can create offensive advantages by accelerating the speed of advancement or honing the counterattack running position and other variables, thereby improving efficiency.


I don’t know what Setien has figured out during the epidemic. The skills and tactics shown by Barcelona in this game are completely different from those in the past. However, they sacrificed defense to a certain extent. As far as Barcelona’s care of their own ribs in this game is simply horrible. . The offensive end gave people a bright spot, and even the old man's persistent possession of the ball faded. When the first half fell into a stalemate, Barcelona even showed a picture that I would give the ball if I couldn't penetrate anyway and then force you. If you continue to play like this, you don't need to think about the championship or something, and the fans look pretty comfortable.

我不知道Setien在疫情期间发现了什么。巴塞罗那在这场比赛中展示的技巧和战术与过去完全不同。但是,他们在一定程度上牺牲了防御能力。就巴塞罗那在这场比赛中关心自己的肋骨而言,简直太恐怖了。 。进攻端给了人们一个亮点,甚至老人对球的执着坚持也逐渐消失。当上半场陷入僵局时,巴萨甚至展示了一张照片,如果我无法穿透,我会给球,然后逼迫你。如果您继续这样比赛,则无需考虑冠军之类的事情,而且球迷们看起来也很舒服。

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