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In the 13th round of the first stage of the Super League last night, Guangzhou R&F lost 0-2 to Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. After the game, coach Van Bronckhorst said: "The overall performance and condition of the team are not good enough, and it is natural to lose the game. The team has performed well in the first few games and has always retained the hope of fighting for 4. Today lost the game, this hope It was also shattered, and it was determined to be ranked 6th in Group A."

在昨晚中超联赛第一阶段的第13轮中,广州富力队以2比2负于上海绿地申花。比赛结束后,教练范·布朗克斯特(Van Bronckhorst)说:“球队的整体表现和状况还不够好,输掉比赛是很自然的。球队在前几场比赛中表现良好,始终保持着打斗的希望。以4的赔率赢得今天的比赛,这一希望也破灭了,并确定在A组中排名第六。

Fan Shuai commented: "From the perspective of the scene today, the first half of the game was not easy to play. The two lost goals allowed the opponent to score easily. We know the opponent's style of play, but the targeted defense against them Didn’t do it well. The players as a whole are under a certain amount of pressure and they are not too relaxed. We can only accept this result. We will come back to Dalian again in the second stage, so after the first stage, we hope the players will return to Guangzhou. Take a good rest and prepare for the second stage of the game."


Fan Shuai: "The team played really well in the first few games, so we reserve our hopes before the start of today. The team did not set such a clear goal at the beginning of the season. However, they played field after field. The hope of promotion gives players invisible pressure, and our players need to learn from it how to turn pressure into motivation.


"Today's result is not satisfactory, but I think we can't blame the players too much. They have tried their best and paid a lot. In the next game, we will look at which players in the lineup are in good condition, and then go and prepare."


Fan Shuai: "When Renardinho was on the court, he created a lot of threats on his side. His injury was sudden and there is no way to passively adjust, because he really can't hold on. Besides him, the team still There are more injuries and I hope that the wounded can recover well and hope that they can all catch up with the second stage of the game.


"We also know that several players will have evasion clauses in the next game. Li Songyi, Chen Zhechao, Tang Miao are suspended, Renardinho, Dembele, Tosic, etc. cannot play because of injuries. There is a real shortage of personnel. Young players The performance shown in the Football Association Cup is good. I don’t worry about sending them to the game. We also know that the results of the final game will not have much impact on our ranking in the group. So this game depends on the status of everyone in these two days. Make the decision to hire."


Fan Shuai: "Yi Teng missed a few games with an ankle injury before. This time he recovered and sent him on the field. As for Tosic, in fact, before the game against Dalian, he had a certain injury on the back of his thigh. He had communicated, and only risked using him when he felt good, but if he was asked to play another such a fierce match two days later, it would increase his risk of injury, so he was not used."


Fan Shuai: "Before this game, we still have hopes to hit the top 4. Now that hope is shattered, we are a little disappointed. Compared with other teams, it is quite difficult to get the top 4 easily. You can see. It can be concluded that the players tried their best on the field and were very satisfied with their performance.


"Especially in the match against Dalian and Suning, the hard work demonstrated is worthy of recognition. Now we are sure that we are ranked 6th in the Dalian Division, then let's see who is the 7th in Group B, ahead of time. To make preparations, I hope that the second stage of the game will be played well and that the injured can recover as soon as possible."


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