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Recently, the words "Barça" and "crisis" often appear in the same sentence.

最近,“Barça”和“ crisis”一词经常出现在同一句子中。

In the past many years, Messi has been like a glue, often determining the outcome of the game, to a certain extent, to cover up the continuous expansion of the cracks in the Barcelona team.


However, this season, although Messi still performed well, Barcelona has fallen into a huge crisis. Especially after being slaughtered by Bayern 8-2 in the Champions League quarter-finals, this Barcelona seems to make it impossible to see any hope.


Around 2010, Barcelona set an example for European elite clubs in many ways. At that time, Barcelona had a young and visionary coach, a group of outstanding La Masia youth graduates, and a clear football concept and transfer strategy. In Guardiola's four seasons coaching, Barcelona built a team around the youth training team and won 14 championship trophies.


Now eight years have passed since Guardiola's departure, and only Messi, Busquets and Pique remain in the team. On and off the stadium, Barcelona are in big trouble.


Barcelona plans to rebuild the Camp Nou stadium. The project cost is between 600 million and 800 million US dollars. It should be completed next year, but so far it has not even started...


In Europe, the new crown epidemic has had an impact on the financial conditions of major clubs, and Barcelona has been particularly affected. According to a report released by UEFA earlier this year, in world football, Barcelona is the club with the highest gross salary for players and staff. According to Sporting Intelligence's "Global Sports Salary Survey" report, in the 2019-20 season, the average annual salary of Barcelona players reached 12.3 million US dollars.

在欧洲,新的王冠流行对主要俱乐部的财务状况产生了影响,而巴塞罗那尤其受到影响。根据欧洲足联今年早些时候发布的一份报告,在世界足球比赛中,巴塞罗那是球员和职员总薪水最高的俱乐部。根据Sporting Intelligence的《全球体育薪资调查》报告,在2019-20赛季,巴塞罗那球员的平均年薪达到1230万美元。

According to the latest financial data released by Barcelona, ​​as of June 30, 2019, the total salary of all Barcelona sports teams (including football, basketball and handball) reached 671 million euros (approximately 792 million US dollars), most of which are Flowed to the first team of football.


The Barcelona club’s total revenue in the 2018-19 season was 990 million euros (approximately 1.16 billion U.S. dollars). However, by this season, due to the cut off the revenue channels such as match tickets, TV broadcasts and museum tickets, in March this year, the first team players And the staff’s salaries were reduced by 70%, “to minimize the economic impact of the epidemic”.


Of course, Barcelona is not the only European football club to implement salary cuts, but this reflects Barcelona's current financial situation is very unstable.


As Barcelona no longer actively promotes youth players into the first team as they did in the past, instead choosing to spend huge sums of money to sign as famous players, the club's financial problems have been further exacerbated.


From the 2013-14 season so far, Barcelona’s cumulative spending in the transfer market has exceeded $1 billion.


In the summer of 2017, Neymar transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for $263 million. This income temporarily made up for the club’s funding gap, but in order to find a replacement for Neymar, Barcelona quickly spent the money.


Barcelona spent about 170 million US dollars to introduce Coutinho from Liverpool, but the latter suffered inconsistency at Barcelona and his performance fell far short of expectations. Less than two years after the transfer, he was loaned to Bayern Munich. Ironically, in the Champions League quarter-finals where the two teams met, Coutinho, who came off the bench, shot two shots and one passer.


In addition, Barcelona also signed Osman Dembele from Dortmund for 120 million US dollars (additional costs may reach 45 million US dollars). In the past three years, Dembele has only played 74 games for Barcelona due to frequent injuries.


Last summer, Barcelona signed French striker Griezmann from Atletico Madrid for a transfer fee of US$135 million, but so far, Griezmann’s performance has not reached the same level as when he played for Atletico Madrid... In the current financial difficulties Next, Barcelona also sold the potential young midfielder Atul to Juventus, in exchange for the 30-year-old Pjanic.


These transfer transactions not only had a negative impact on Barcelona's lineup, match results and club financial status, but also violated the core philosophy of Barcelona as a club.


Radio Catalunya correspondent Ernest Marcia Barus said: "From a monetary point of view, there is a problem with the way they (the top) run the club. Many high-priced players are not in Barcelona. To play famous. They did buy some excellent players, such as De Jong who is young and outstanding, but... he needs to adapt to our philosophy."

加泰罗尼亚广播电台记者欧内斯特·马西娅·巴鲁斯说:“从金钱的角度来看,他们(顶级)经营俱乐部的方式存在问题。许多高价位球员不在巴塞罗那。要打出名气。他们确实买了一些优秀的球员,例如年轻而杰出的De Jong,但……他需要适应我们的理念。”

"However, if no one emphasizes this philosophy, it is very troublesome. If no leader tells the new players how Barcelona should play, then the team's only priority is how to win in a game. If we only consider this, we will never win the league championship."


"We can't play like a normal team. Some teams are better at adopting normal football styles, such as AC Milan and Inter Milan. They have a group of excellent players and don't need to play a unique and pleasing football. The game. But in Barcelona, ​​the team needs to do more than just win the championship... it's not enough."


"Barca needs a reconstruction, but I am worried that the club does not have enough money to rebuild."


"The executives wanted to renovate the Camp Nou stadium, but the project has been suspended. They also need to build a new stadium for basketball and other professional sports teams, but it has also stopped. The club has no money to advance these projects."

“高管们想翻新诺坎普球场,但该项目已被暂停。他们还需要为篮球和其他专业运动队建造一个新的球场,但球场也已停止。俱乐部没有资金来推进这些项目。 ”

In November 2012, Pep Guardiola's successor, Vilanova, sent 11 players from La Masia in a game against Levante at the same time, winning 4-0.


However, as time goes by, La Masia Academy seems to have lost its magic. In recent years, only Roberto has become a regular main player in the Barcelona first team.


"From 2004 to 2010, Barcelona has a policy to promote young players trained in La Masia into the first team." Marcia said, "When Guardiola was the head coach, for these players in La Masia For young players who grew up in West Asia, everything is easier. But since Guardiola left, the coaches who have coached Barcelona have focused on competing for the championship, and the current board will not force them to train and promote La Masia’s young players. Player. Over time, the Barcelona club gradually lost its soul."

“从2004年到2010年,巴塞罗那制定了一项政策,将在拉马西亚接受过训练的年轻球员提升为一线队。”玛西娅说:“当瓜迪奥拉担任主教练时,对于拉马西亚的这些球员来说,对于在西亚长大的年轻球员来说,一切都变得容易了。但是,自瓜迪奥拉离任以来,执教巴塞罗那的教练一直专注于争夺冠军,目前的董事会不会强迫他们训练和提升La Masia的年轻球员。球员。随着时间的流逝,巴塞罗那俱乐部逐渐失去了灵魂。”

"Barca may still be a competitive team, but it is losing its identity."


Marcia pointed out that, compared with training young people, Barcelona executives are more inclined to spend money to sign contracts to become famous stars. On the other hand, it is increasingly difficult for Barcelona to retain La Masia's most promising young players. Manchester City defender Eric Garcia, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Harvey Simmons and Marc Jurado (who will join Manchester United) were once La Masia's hopeful stars, but they have left Barcelona to find another way out.

马西娅指出,与培训年轻人相比,巴塞罗那高管更倾向于花钱签合同成为著名明星。另一方面,对于巴塞罗那来说,留住拉马西亚最有前途的年轻球员变得越来越困难。曼城后卫埃里克·加西亚(Eric Garcia),巴黎圣日耳曼中场哈维·西蒙斯(Harvey Simmons)和马克·朱拉多(Marc Jurado)(将加入曼联)曾经是拉马西亚的希望之星,但他们已经离开巴塞罗那寻找另一种出路。

Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Puyol, Valdes... During Guardiola's coaching period, Barcelona has a group of outstanding La Masia academy graduates. In the past few years, many young players in La Masia have had high hopes, and Barcelona fans hope they can become the "next Harvey" or "next Iniesta".


"You can't expect to see La Masia (academy) send 4 players to the team's starting lineup every five years. This is unrealistic." Fabregas said in an interview, "Iniesta One of the best midfielders of all time, and Harvey is the same."

“您不能期望看到La Masia(学院)每五年向团队的首发阵容派遣4名球员。这是不现实的。”法布雷加斯在接受采访时说:“伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)是有史以来最好的中场球员之一,哈维也是如此。”

"But if you analyze their careers carefully, you will find that Iniesta only became a regular main player at the age of 22 and was regarded as a top player. In 2006, we (Arsenal) played with Barcelona. In a Champions League final, the 22-year-old Iniesta came off the bench in the second half, completely changing the game."

“但是,如果仔细分析他们的职业生涯,您会发现伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)在22岁时才成为常规的主要球员,并被认为是顶级球员。2006年,我们(阿森纳)与巴塞罗那队比赛。在冠军联赛决赛中, 22岁的伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)下半场替补登场,彻底改变了比赛。”

"Xavi went through a lot of ups and downs in Barcelona. When Guardiola coached Barcelona, ​​Xavi was 28 years old and Guardiola told him: ‘Listen, you are the core of the team and the game will revolve around you.’"


"After the European Cup in 2008, Harvey had no results in Barcelona for two consecutive years. There were a lot of rumors at that time. Some people said that Harvey would leave Barcelona or he was not good enough... But Guardiola trusted him, so Suddenly, his strength seems to have reached a new level, and he has maintained a high level for another four to five years. So sometimes it is related to luck and the level of trust the head coach has in you."


With Messi’s career coming to an end, Marcia believes that the Barça board needs to get rid of the mentality of "winning at all costs", take risks, and strive to train youth players as advocated by legendary coach Cruyff.


"The team lineup is too thin and ageing, it is difficult to replace players like Xavi or Iniesta." Marcia explained, "A few years ago, Messi had a group of the best La Masia graduates around him. , So that team is extraordinary and has left a deep impression on people. As a club, we are losing a lot of things."


This season, Messi has been involved in off-court battles many times.


In February of this year, Messi, who has always been taciturn, publicly criticized Barcelona's sports director Abidal because the latter hinted that the former coach Valverde's dismissal should be blamed on Barcelona players. Barça club chairman Bartomeu organized an emergency meeting to avoid further aggravation of the conflict between the two sides, but since then, Messi has also expressed his dissatisfaction with the club twice.


“In the past 15 years, Messi’s performance has always been very good, making the club’s chairman, players and everyone around him better.” Marcia said, “Because Messi’s influence is too great, the club lacks direction. To a certain extent, his problems were covered up. But as he gradually slowed down, all the problems began to appear."


Earlier, in a Barcelona home game against Ebar, thousands of Barcelona fans waved white handkerchiefs in the stands of the Camp Nou and shouted "Bartomeu, resign" to express their dissatisfaction with the club's top management. ... According to media reports, Bartomeu hired a company to discredit Barcelona players on social media. This makes the fans angry.

早些时候,在一场巴塞罗那对阵Ebar的巴塞罗那主场比赛中,成千上万的巴塞罗那球迷在诺坎普球场的看台上挥舞着白色手帕,并大喊“巴托木,辞职”,以表达对俱乐部高层管理人员的不满。 ...据媒体报道,巴托梅乌聘请了一家公司在社交媒体上抹黑巴塞罗那球员。这使球迷生气。

Although Bartomeu is unlikely to resign, his term as chairman of Barcelona has only one year left.


Many Barcelona fans believe that in the history of the club, the 2021 Barcelona presidential election will be crucial. They hope this can be a turning point in Barcelona's destiny and that the new management will not make the mistakes of their predecessors.


"The new chairman can't repeat the same mistakes again." Former Barcelona player Francisco Arnault said. "I don't know what will happen in one, two or three years, but from the players, the chairman to the club’s organizational structure, Barcelona must Make a lot of changes."

“新董事长不能再犯同样的错误。”巴塞罗那前球员弗朗西斯科·阿诺特说。 “我不知道在一两年,三年后会发生什么,但是从球员,主席到俱乐部的组织结构,巴塞罗那必须做出很多改变。”

"No one can predict the future, but this Barcelona certainly cannot win the championship as easily as in the past. Messi is also older. If the new chairman does not intend to exert much influence, then the change (the presidential election) is not important. But if the new appointment The chairman can exert influence, then real change will come soon."


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